Plasma plus coating technology

  • Flexible cathode system with up to four different target materials
  • Tried-and-tested range of coatings (AlTiN, AlTiSiN, AlCrTiN, TiN, TiCN, TiCCrN, ZrN, ZrCrN, TiAlN)
  • Volume: 750 to 1,000 shank tools per batch
  • Coating length 850 mm, 8 spindles with diam. 125 mm
  • Batch runtimes (AlTiN) approx. 5 hours
  • Compact design, all components are housed in a dust-free and water-cooled environment in an enclosure measuring H:2,100 mm, W:1,800 mm, L:2,400 mm
  • Freely accessible recipe editor
  • Well thought-out work safety concept, UL-compliant design

Vacuum system of coating machine

  • Precise and constant flow of gas
  • Symmetrical vessel construction, coating distribution, coating colour and properties uniform from top to bottom
  • Extremely precise and fast pressure regulation
  • Regulation is no longer based on the glass flow but instead is performed using the valve system
  • Small, maintenance-friendly valves
  • All components are easily accessible
  • Multistage, maintenance-free screw pump
  • Turbo pump with magnetic bearings

Chamber of coating machine

  • Quickly exchangeable interior lining for basic cleaning times < 2 hours; no tools necessary
  • No unnecessary sensors that need to be removed
  • Quickly exchangeable heating system with plug and one nut
  • Optimised heater cleaning program

Cooling system of coating machine

  • Optimum, cooled vaporisation sources
  • Independently controllable cooling circuits; energy-saving cooling matched to the specific process step
  • Robust double-walled stainless-steel vessel with uniform temperature distribution to minimise the required cooling performance

Arc cathode of coating machine

  • Pulsed DC power supply with an efficiency of 92 % to 94 %
  • Optimised magnet system for controlling the arc
  • Adapted source design to reduce large droplets
  • Flexible target change-over system
  • Variable and efficient etching process using various techniques
  • Uniform coating distribution across the entire coating surface; deviations < 0.1 µm


  • 80 kW / 125 A connection, 3 phases + neutral
  • 4 cathodes 250 A incl. 4 x 6 kW pulsed rectifiers
  • 15 kW pulsed bias up to 1,000 V
  • 4 heaters (8 kW each) incl. integrated temperature monitoring
  • Controllable direct drive for the carousel with torque monitoring
  • Emergency power supply for the control circuit and turbo pump for controlled shutdown
  • Analysis tool for all electrical components
  • Beckhoff controller and fieldbus for all components
  • 24-inch touchpanel PC incl. remote maintenance
  • Complete process documentation


  • Cooling water connection with approx. 80 l/min with variable temperature feed between 15 °C and 23 °C
  • The cooling water is distributed through the system and regulated as required depending on the process step
  • Compressed air 6 bar, control air and flushing gas for the dry pump
  • Integrated 40 litre buffer tank for compressed air used for emergency shutdown
  • Cooling gas connection for rapid cooling, either He or N2
  • Flow controller for 4 process gases (Ar, H2, N2, C2H2), can be expanded to 6 for DLC processes

Vacuum and chamber

  • 250 m² maintenance-free screw-type dry pump < 55 dB(A)
  • 250 mm turbo molecular pump with magnetic bearings, maintenance-free
  • Pump times < 5 min
  • Maintenance-friendly VAT vacuum valves
  • Double-walled, fully cooled stainless-steel vessel
  • Maintenance-free, ferrofluid rotary unions
  • MKS vacuum measuring instruments (Profibus Baratron, Pirani, Penning, piezo, flow controller)
  • Automatic leak test

Equipment – Coating holders and carousels

  • Flexible and maintenance-free holder system
  • Double-guided sleeves – tools do not touch each other
  • No loading and wear of the pivot bearings
  • Flexibly exchangeable sleeves within certain diameter ranges
  • Reliable rotation


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