Our services


We support you not only in selecting the optimum coating, but also offer you customised solutions for your products.


We offer a broad range of coatings for your specific field of application, from classic TiN, AlTiN or AlCrN coatings to new high-end coatings.


Optimum coating begins with optimum preliminary cleaning. With our state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology, we are able to meet the highest quality requirements.


Thanks to our pretreatment options, we are able to activate the surface of your tools in such a way that an extremely reliable tool life is achieved. If required, we can also perform edge-rounding processes or deburr your tools.


We ensure good surface properties with optimum roughness coefficients.


For us, it goes without saying that we continuously monitor our production processes in order to ensure a consistent level of quality. We check coating thicknesses and the adhesion of the coatings. In addition, we measure edge roundings and tools.


We market tried-and-tested coating equipment and guide you through holistic coating concepts.


On request, we can also transport your tools. We can organise delivery using our own pick-up service or using selected parcel delivery companies.